Duane Pierre

Duane Pierre has run Paradym Academy for over 20 years and served over 14,000 youth in Greater Hartford Area. He has delivered courses on media literacy, multimedia creation, and production. His curriculum are designed to reinforce student Core Skills and Student learning objectives. His student’s projects have been featured on PBS Newshour.

Stacey Williams, Ph.D.

Dr. Stacey “STEM” Williams is a STEM education specialist and consultant and an adjunct professor with 20+ years of teaching experience. She has a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction and a PhD in Higher Education Administration. Her dissertation: Persistence among minority STEM majors. A Phenomenological Study.

Paige Rasid

Paige Rasid has worked as a graphic designer and marketing executive for a Fortune 500 company and is the former COO of Connecticut Technology Council,
a membership organization of tech companies in Connecticut. She managed the Women of Innovation(r) program for over ten years and designed the accompanying Girls in Technology scholarship and enrichment program.

June Archer

June Archer is a former recording artist who elevated to producer and executive in the entertainment industry. He has worked with some of music’s most successful artists and worked behind the scenes of some of television’s most popular shows. He completed a successful teaching residency at the University of Connecticut.

Antwaine Debnam

Antwaine Debnam is an entrepreneur and inventor. He is a Hartford native that has built a product and business from the ground up without any angel or venture capital, by focusing on sales. He was awarded a United States Patent for his product “Tripletote” and took home three awards at the CT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards at Yale.